ReneeMcLaughlinFullLength10-2008From: Atlanta, GA
Teaches: Master Trainer

Renee McLaughlin is a nutritionist and fitness educator in Atlanta. She has a Master’s Degree in Natural Health, is ACE-Certified as a Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant, Certified Dynamic Walking Instructor, Certified Zone Instructor and Certified in Older Adult Fitness. Renee became a T-Tapp Trainer in May of 2003.

Renee McLaughlin:
“I have always been passionate about living and teaching health and fitness. Because of my intense passion, I study and try every new thing I find, from new exercise methods to supplements. When I first read about T-Tapp in Women’s’ World Magazine several years ago, I must admit I was skeptical.

It sounded “too good to be true”. But I couldn’t help myself. I had to order the videos. I watched and used them for a few weeks and really sensed a change in my body. My intuition told me something was different about this workout but I couldn’t tell what it was. Other things happened in my life at that time and I put those videos aside.

But about eight months later, I was drawn back to them. I started to use them again and this time, I went to the website and began reading everything I could get my hands on about this workout. I hit pay dirt when I found Diane’s website that outlined every move in such detail. Once I started to understand the science behind these moves, I knew I had to become a Trainer.