From: Victoria, Australia
Teaches: Total Workout and Hit the Floor

Hi! My name is Stephanie Thompson and I am thrilled to be a T-Tapp trainer! I am a mom of two beautiful children and my background is in school counselling. Presently, I live in Victoria, Australia which makes me the only trainer in this country so far. I’m proud to represent T-Tapp in the Southern Hemisphere!

I have been Tapping since my college days which were over 15 years ago. Before I discovered T-Tapp, I had done a lot of exercising and in hindsight, I was overtraining and frustrated. Then, I discovered this amazing workout and haven’t looked back! I’ve never experienced the results from any exercise program that I got from doing T-Tapp consistently. It truly is efficient and effective.

When I set out on my Tapping journey I realized early on that form was key. After I had been Tapping for some time, I thought I was mastering the form because the workout became less challenging. Well, it only took one session with a trainer to recognize that I was totally wrong! After tweaking my form, the sweat started to pour and I experienced a new level of understanding and appreciation for T-Tapp! The path of least resistance is easy to fall into which is why working with a trainer is a great opportunity to improve your form, therefore improving your results.

More recently, I began to appreciate the wellness/rehabilitative aspect of T-Tapp. Sometimes I have neck/shoulder soreness from carrying my children, on top of all the various bags I tote around. If I do T-Tapp, the pain disappears!

There is such wisdom in T-Tapp and my intention is to turn others on to “the workout that works”! I know from personal experience the power of T-Tapp and I want as many people as possible to benefit from this phenomenal workout. Please feel free to contact me. I’d love to be your trainer!

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