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Teaches: Basic, Total


Hi, my name is Summer Willig, and I am a mother of three wonderful boys. At the age of 12 I joined the local swim team. Since then, I have made it a point to exercise. All that work paid off by keeping me thin and fit. But over the years, I began to notice that my knees really bothered me, my trap muscles were constantly tight, and my joints had a tendency to get irritated. Slowly, these nagging little issues were progressively getting worse.

In 2005 I gave birth to my oldest son and used Pilates to get my abs back in shape. Three years later I gave birth again to twin boys. My double blessing left my abs double wrecked and my body a couple sizes larger. My abdominal muscles had literally separated and wiggled and shook like mush. More than a year later, the Pilates had created some tone, but my abs were still separated and weak. Despite a consistent workout routine that incorporated cardio and weight training, I was not back to my pre-pregnancy size or shape.

Frustrated, I decided to ramp up the intensity of my exercise and started a program called P90X. For 90 days I worked out for over an hour six days a week. The workouts were exhausting and I began to feel thatexercise was taking over my life. All the jump training, pushups and weight bearing exercises brought results but many of them were not good. I lost the extra weight but my muscles were looking bulky. My abs still would not come back together. My knees constantly hurt. I developed carpel tunnel syndrome. At the completion of the program my body looked somewhat better but it felt old and I was in pain. So I quit working out for about five months, gained all the weight back that I had lost plus an extra size. At this point I was bigger than I had ever been, very unhappy about it, and starting to fear I was never going to get my figure back.

Then I heard about T-Tapp. The program was different than anything I had ever seen but decided to give it a try. The results were truly amazing. Within three months I lost a total of 24 inches and was back to my pre-pregnancy size. My knees quit hurting and my carpel tunnel syndrome went away.

Fast forward four years and T-Tapp continues to challenge and improve my body. My abdominal wall has completely come back together and my arches have lifted. My posture has improved dramatically and my joints feel fantastic. I now have long lean muscles. T-Tapp is by far the best exercise program I have ever done. It doesn’t just make the body look better, it feels better.I

f you have any questions I can always be reached at summerwillig@yahoo.com.