Tara-Chatzakis-AFTERFrom: Crete, Greece
Teaches: Basic, Total, Hit the Floor

Hi, my name is Tara Chatzakis. I am the first British T-Tapp Trainer and the first Trainer in Greece. I am also a busy mom to Kallia, Andy and Gabi and a busy mompreneur who runs a social media marketing company.

My journey began with T-Tapp purely by accident when I was online browsing and I have never looked back. I started working out using my T-Tapp DVDs with vigor and immediately saw inch loss. However, my workouts fell by the way side as life got busy and the seasons changed.

I soon became frustrated that my weight and size were creeping back up and so I went back to the DVDs. This time though I had decided that I wanted more from T-Tapp than just a workout. I wanted to be able to teach it to others who were having difficulty getting fit. So I signed up to become a T-Tapp Trainer. I worked hard on my training and was in constant contact with my wonderful mentor, Michelle Barbuto.

I met many wonderful T-Tapp friends when I certified in January 2012 and meeting Teresa for the first time was an amazing experience. Every T-Tapper that I have met has changed my life for the better. I truly believe that it takes a special kind of person to be a T-Tapper. They are extraordinary!

T-Tapp has made my body stronger than it has ever been before, it also equips me with the stamina I need to run a busy home and an international company. I couldn’t do it all without T-Tapp keeping my body at optimum wellness. It gives me the chance to live my passions to the full. To be fit in business you must be fit in body and mind too.

T-Tapp is not just a workout it’s a way of life for me and for many others. It takes fitness to another level. Once you’ve tried T-Tapp there’s no going back!

If you have questions or need personal or group training I can be reached at chatzakity@hotmail.com.