traceykieslingheadshotFrom: Brady, TX
Teaches: Master Trainer

My name is Tracey Kiesling and I am 58 years young. My husband and I own and operate a trophy game ranch in central Texas. I have four children and seven grandchildren. I enjoy tennis, hiking, digital scrapbooking/photo book creation, and designing and making scripture baby quilts. I have authored one book, a devotional book for teachers. I’m an avid reader, and I most enjoy my favorite Book, the Bible. During my teaching years, I worked for a council writing, developing, teaching and promoting curriculum for a Bible course that is now used in public schools across the nation. I also trained teachers to teach the curriculum.

A former high school teacher and basketball coach, I lost thirty-five pounds in 2009 through the traditional methods of fitness, weightlifting and running (my children often called me the exercise queen – I had every DVD imaginable)! However, in order to maintain, I found that I had to lift heavier and heavier weights and work out longer and longer periods of time. Also, I developed pain in my elbows, knees, and hips. In addition to that, I became weary of the mainline beaten path to fitness. Too, I became addicted to the scale. I had worked so hard to lose the weight that I weighed constantly, and if I gained one or two pounds, I would run back to counting those calories (UGH!), So in 2011 I decided to get my personal trainer certification to see if I could find a road that was less traveled and more efficient. I had no idea at the time what that would look like.

One week after getting my certification from AFAA, a random Facebook feed prompted me to connect to the link. It was actually about homeschooling. But in the process of perusing the website, I saw a tab labeled T-Tapp. Intrigued, I clicked and saw examples of the exercises on YouTube videos. I had no idea that my life was about to drastically change.

 At first I found it difficult to believe that this could be an effective workout. I emailed some of the trainers, asking, “Is this for REAL???” I researched it. Finally, I decided to test it. I jumped off and ordered the big package – skin brushing and all. For four months, I did only T-Tapp. Was I EVER surprised! Not only did I stay in great shape, but all the knee and elbow pain also disappeared. I also got delivered from that scale and from counting those calories! I was definitely hooked and have been T-Tapping ever since.

I believe it is past time to take control of our own health. Even without the imminent and probable crumbling of our present health care system, the frequency of dependence on drugs as remedies to health issues is alarming. Becoming a trainer gives me the opportunity to help people discover ways to improve their bodies and enjoy better health. I will especially enjoy helping those for whom nothing else has worked, and those who are in my age group.

Email me at and let’s get started!