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Teaches: Basic, Total, More, Hit the Floor

My T-Tapp adventure began in 2001. Since college, I had maintained my weight by running, teaching pre-natal/postpartum exercise classes combined with a structured plan of eating. In 1992, while in Florida, training for a 10-mile run, I was hit by a car. I spent the next two years walking with a cane. Despite extensive rehab I could not walk for extended periods, participate in sports or exercise without pain. I had resigned myself to a life which included daily ibuprofen and ice packs to my hip. My body shape and size changed. I remember the horror of buying my first size 16 then denial set in and eventually I was buying size 24s. I told myself I should be grateful that I could walk. I had been using a plan of eating that eliminated trigger and problem foods but I had not been attentive to how I was using healthy food to soothe myself as I grieved my old athletic body.

I heard about T-Tapp from my friend Jenny Huffstetler (Jenibug). I bought the tapes and worked out with Jenny until she moved shortly thereafter. I had an opportunity to attend a clinic with Teresa in 2002. I drove 2 hours one way, spent 3 hours at the clinic and drove home because of a family commitment. My husband had a meeting in San Francisco and we went a day early and drove up into the beautiful countryside so I could have a session with Lani! My pain diminished immediately and rapidly disappeared. I knew T-Tapp worked but I could not get the results I had seen and heard other people get… Without the incentive of pain, I worked out only sporadically. I remained pain free but the inches were not melting away. I began to appreciate that consistency was a key to T-Tapp results.

In 2003, I joined Habit Formers hoping to maintain some consistency. By completing a contest, we earned a free clinic in Florida with Teresa. In the contest, I needed to complete so many total workouts regularly and it took me an hour or more to complete- Instructional 1 & 2 or Beginner/Rehab. In order to make my quota- I used T-Tapp Tempo- so I could complete a total workout in 40 minutes. I rushed through the workouts so I could post on the forum that I had completed them. I sacrificed quality for quantity. I attributed my slow success to my body type- not lack of form. In Florida, I developed a new appreciation for total muscle engagement. I returned home and continued to workout more regularly but still sporadic at times. I continued to reap the health benefits of T-Tapp and was able to be active again and could even bike, hike and walk half marathons with my family and friends.

In 2004 I was diagnosed with asthma and required significant doses of steroids for an extended period. I gained weight and my body seemed to balloon. Thankfully, T-Tapp minimized the effects of the steroids and my bone density did not diminish despite the steroids (much to my physician’s amazement). The term personal max became very real since with an asthma exacerbation; getting dressed in the morning can be an aerobic activity.

When the MORE workout became available, I really began to appreciate the beauty of doing the workout slowly and taking the time to concentrate on what Diane Stone calls THE BIG 6- toes forward, feet hip width apart, knees bent, shoulders back, butt tucked and knees to little toes (KLT). By going slow you can think about the specific muscles you are targeting in each move and maintain your isometric contractions. Fifteen minutes of focused, deliberate moves are more effective than an hour of rushing through the motions. That is a contributing factor of how Less is More with T-Tapp. T-Tapp is not a mindless workout. Results come only when you concentrate and focus as you do the moves.

Being a scientist at heart, I really wanted to see “inch loss” results. T-Tapp seemed too good to be true – for everyone else. My journey has not been a quick one; it has had a lot of bumps along the way. There are many things that can impact results and for me I had a lot of rebuilding to do. When I started T-Tapp, I had very limited flexibility and muscle awareness. When I want to quit T-Tapping, I have to ask myself, what is the alternative? Stop and give up all the health benefits? Return to traditional exercise programs and risk pain and injury? I have to accept that it took my body awhile to get here (and I am not getting any younger) so it will take some time to get where I want to be…. I try to keep the following mindset, If I focus solely on the inch loss I may not appreciate the health benefits, if I focus on the health benefits of rebuilding my body, hopefully, I will live long enough (pain and injury free) to lose the inches.

There were a few friends I wanted to introduce to T-Tapp so I decided to become a trainer in 2005. I wanted to wait until my form became perfect. I did not think they would take T-Tapp seriously if I was not a size 2. However, I shared T-Tapp with them and they had their own successes in health improvements and inch loss. One thing I love about Teresa, she has trainers of all shapes and sizes because everyone can benefit from T-Tapp regardless of their shape or size! I was/am fortunate to be surrounded by trainers and trainers in training (Jeni, Suzie, Diane, Kiona) who have guided me through this process of rebuilding my body from the inside out. The support from other trainers and T-Tappers all over the world has been invaluable. My form is still far from perfect and I have not reached my goal size but I have come to appreciate that wellness is often a journey not a destination. T-Tapp is definitely a rehabilitative, wellness workout that will work for everyone.