Hi, I’m Teresa Tapp, exercise physiologist and rehabilitative trainer. I created my unique workout and effective cellulite removal program while working within the International Modeling Industry. I worked as a personal trainer, new face developer, booker and scout for several agencies including Ford, Metropolitan, and Page Parkes. After working in an industry that demands body perfection, I know how to get the female body in shape no matter what age or fitness level while reducing and/or eliminating cellulite. My Total System is the most effective on the market today! See results within 7 days!


I could care less what the scale says. Let’s face it ladies, inches count, pounds don’t. Models are measured, not weighed because no matter what the scale says, if the hips are too big for an outfit, they don’t get the job. I have always guaranteed an inch off the waist or hips in one week. Most women lose at least one dress size if not two in 30 days. Since retiring from the modeling world I have helped hundreds of pre-menopausal women achieve the same results as my models – higher energy, hormonal balance, and body awareness on how to get fit quick! Now you can too!

Margie Hoffman, before & after 48, R.N., L.M.T. Palm Harbor, FL
“At 48, it was harder for me to lose weight. Being a single mom of a teenage daughter and owning a Massage Center left little time for me. But I could do the T-Tapp Workout at home and I got results fast. I lost 5 7/8″ in 5 days, 12″ in 3 weeks, and a total of 27″ in 3 months. Within 4 months I lost a total of 25 lbs. Now it is easy to maintain a size 6 with just 2 workouts a week. The CRT™ Skin Tightening System tightened my skin and removed my cellulite. Look at my legs – I don’t even need to wear hose! I am so happy. I feel great!”

Margie – before


You see, I understand the female body as a machine – both physically and biochemically. My instructional workout videos and CRT™ cassette will educate you too. The 2 instructional videos explain the how and why of every movement with all three body types doing the movements and the audio cassette explains all the factors involved for the body to get rid of cellulite. Knowledge is the key to success. Once you understand how your “machine” works, it is much easier to attain results. So simple, that it makes common sense.

The movement sequences are very rehabilitative especially for the lower back and knees. They look so simple – but they provide a workout like no other. You will feel how comprehensive they are – I never work just one muscle group. THE T-TAPP WORKOUT is designed to fatigue muscle groups layer by layer. Inch loss comes quick. Done without weights or body jarring aerobics, anyone can work out for less than an hour and do it in the privacy of their home or hotel room. It took me seven years to develop, perfect and copyright the T-TAPP WORKOUT. It is difficult to describe but it incorporates dance theory, tai chi and theories of Western strength training. You will feel the difference within one workout. Best of all, it works for all body types. Here are some examples:

Lori Robinson (mid-30’s) pharmaceutical rep and actress, Orlando, FL – “After being in traction from 2 auto accidents, my doctor referred me to Teresa Tapp. My lower body reduced 2 clothing sizes in 3 weeks! I am not a pear anymore!”

Barbara Wojan (28 yrs) Safety Harbor, FL – “I used to run 3-5 miles every day, 7 days a week, yet my hips were 2″ larger than my bust. I’ve always been thin and fit but ‘out of proportion’. I stopped running for one week while I did the T-TAPP WORKOUT and I lost 1 1/2″ off my hips!”

Sara Jacobson (34 yrs) South Beach, FL – “After years of stair climbing, step aerobics, and weight training…my body was fit but ‘bulky’. The T-TAPP WORKOUT reversed my bulk within 30 days. I still go to the gym and do aerobic classes and weights but I do the T-TAPP WORKOUT once a week to maintain my new long, cut muscles. I incorporate the T-Tapp special alignment principles in all my workouts…what a difference!”



Connie Before & After 46 (shown above), small business owner, wife and mother of two
“Menopause really changed my body but with the T-TAPP TOTAL SYSTEM I regained control. In 5 1/2 months I went from a size 16 to a size 8, my skin tightened and I now have a flat stomach! I don’t even have cellulite anymore! Best of all, in 3 weeks, my prolapsed uterus reversed and I no longer needed surgery! I am a new woman!”

THE T-TAPP TOTAL WORKOUT will make your body become a higher calorie burning machine. All those new, stronger muscles will be more effective as “girdles” and your fat cells will empty in order to provide fuel for those new muscles. Eating is not bad, eating is good. Calories are energy units to fuel your “machine”. Exercise moves the machine but it won’t be effective unless it has fuel to operate efficiently. The secret is to increase your metabolic rate.

Most of us understand that metabolic rate slows as we age but we never get the whole story. After doing my masters thesis on “Female Metabolisms over age 30”, I understand the secret to maintaining a higher metabolic rate is to maintain internal muscles and spinal balance. Most people do not realize that we atrophy from the inside out. THE T-TAPP WORKOUT will rebuild your internal muscles faster than any other program. I designed it specifically to rebuild the metabolic rate and improve the lymphatic system. Remember, your body is a machine with many functions. It is not difficult to understand and you will never have to eliminate your favorite foods.



Instructional Video 1: – Putting Body in Alignment for Increased Fat Burning

Instructional Video 2: – Inch Loss by Building Balance and Working Muscles in Layers

T-Tapp Workout Video at Beginner/Rehabilitative Level: Full Workout (combination of Video 1 & 2 – Start to Finish at the Beginner/Rehabilitative Level with extra emphasis on form to protect bad knees, hips and lower back to prevent and/or repair injuries.


Also available: The T-TAPP TOTAL SYSTEM combining the T-Tapp Workout for Super Fat Burning and Inch Loss with the CRTTM Skin Tightening System for skin tightening and cellulite removal.

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