What is in Vape Juice and Is it Bad for You?

There is a lot of speculation around the effects of vaping and whether or not it is any better for you than normal cigarettes and smoking. First of all let me be clear you should not be vaping or using nicotine products apart from when you are trying to quit smoking, nicotine is a very harmful and addictive substance that can seriously harm you as you grow and your body develops. Vaping is a safer substitute for normal smoking and can be a great tool to gradually decrease the amount of nicotine you smoke and eventually get you off smoking altogether.  

Make no mistake there are still harmful chemicals within your vape juice and prolonged use can still be very harmful to your body, but when you compare the number of substances that are in cigarettes it is absolutely much safer. Many people struggle to quit smoking simply by using nicotine replacement products like gum and patches alone, so having access to technology such as electronic cigarettes that are much less harmful is a great option for somebody trying to lead a healthier lifestyle and quit smoking for good.  


Extended use of any nicotine product can result in long-term addiction and damage to your lungs and body, E-liquid is no exception to this and you should take this into consideration before you start to use any form of the smoking product. As previously mentioned it is my opinion that vaping should only be used as a way of quitting smoking, there really is no other reason to harm yourself by becoming hooked on these products and using them for all of your life. If you are someone that is trying to quit smoking I would highly recommend that you attempt to satisfy your cravings with replacement products like gum and patches as E-cigarettes can further your addiction and make it harder to quit in some cases.  


 It should also be known that many e liquids and vape juices have carcinogens within them that are known substances that can lead to cancer later in life, this is why it is imperative in my opinion that these kinds of products are only used by people trying to quit smoking as vaping can still be very harmful in the long run. It seems that within young culture nowadays it is seen that e-cigarettes and vaping have been popularised to the point that it is considered cool and trendy.  

Especially amongst young people using these products can have a serious effect on the way that your brain develops as well as causing serious health issues later in life. The damage is so severe that it has been brought up on many occasions that the laws around the sale of tobacco products should be changed to stop young people from suffering a nicotine addiction at a later age and encourage these products to be used by people who are quitting smoking exclusively.  

Vaping as a Means to Quit Smoking

 As previously mentioned it is my own opinion that vaping should be used in the same regard as a nicotine replacement product, instead of the trendy attitude to vaping that exists I believe that vaping should be treated as dangerous as cigarettes and should only be used as a means to gradually reduce your nicotine intake and quit smoking completely. It is still harmful to vape; it is just that there are fewer harmful chemicals within the majority of vape juices. Some people who are trying to quit smoking find that using a nicotine-free e-liquid is best as they are reducing the number of unhealthy chemicals they are taking in, whilst satisfying the craving to smoke. I understand that taking these steps is very hard so if you are not ready to go nicotine-free straight away you should definitely see an improvement in your fitness and health if you switch from traditional cigarettes to vaping.  

The laws around nicotine use are set to undergo huge changes with the sake of nicotine products not being sold to people who were born past 2004, this will help reduce the number of underage people who are using vapes and e-cigarettes as well as reducing the number of people who smoke in the first place. If you are thinking about quitting smoking but are unsure about where to get started with sourcing nicotine replacement products and vapes then Mr vapor disposables at the vaporshoppeusa would be a good place to start, using a disposable vape, to begin with, is a great way to test out whether vaping is for you without having to invest in a full kit straight away, if you think vaping could work for you then you can upgrade to a more permanent model.  

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