What is T-Tapp?T-Tapp is a series of movements designed to put the body in proper functional alignment, restore metabolic function and stands on its own as a complete workout as well as enhancing the effectiveness of ALL of your workouts.

Basically, your entire system gets “tuned up” like a finely adjusted machine. Due to utilization of comprehensive, compound muscle movement, rapid reshaping can take place.

This technique has some similar principles to Yoga and Pilates, but at the same time it is nothing like them!

With many original copyrighted moves, T-Tapp:

  • Is comprehensive, working all layers of muscles at BOTH insertions (effectively developing long, lean muscle). Apply the principles to any other exercise technique to reach your goals.
  • Will enhance any other exercise form and schedule.
  • Is a lot more than just burning calories/fat – it literally resets and rebuilds your primary body functions (i.e.: lymphatic system, endocrine system, metabolic rate and elimination systems, among others).
  • Works both biochemically and physiologically.
  • The movement sequences are very rehabilitative, especially for the lower back and knees. They look so simple – but they provide a workout like no other.
  • Is comprehensive – never working just one muscle group, the T-Tapp Workout is designed to fatigue muscle groups layer by layer and inch loss can come quickly.
  • Is done without special equipment.

What does T-Tapp look like?

I’ve heard T-Tapp described as “You stand in one place and lose weight!” This may sound simplistic, but there are elements of truth at the core.

When watching the T-Tapp Workout, you may be reminded a bit of Pilates, Yoga, Tai Chi, dance, isometrics, Alexander…yet you will also see something unique and like no other. T-Tapp takes the best of the best and most powerful approaches to building the body, and, combined with Teresa Tapp’s patented principles and signature moves, synergizes to a whole new workout.

The entire Total Workout can be done standing in an area with just enough room to fully extend arms and legs to the side, front and back. No special equipment aside from good supportive shoes and flexible clothing is required.

Get Started

Where To Get Started with T-Tapp

I’m a real purist when it comes to T-Tapp and have seen phenomenal changes with just the basics, the T-Tapp Total Workout, practiced with proper form to personal max.

The total body involvement (comprehensive, compound movement and sequential design) conditions your body in ways you may not have focused on before. First, at its core; this means deep abdominal layers and connections at spine and ribcage. Then at insertions AND origins of muscle attachment, meaning the entire length of the muscle is worked and conditioned, giving complete muscle development and shaping throughout, in contrast to the muscle “belly” work we find in gym-style weight training. The isometric nature of the movements, coupled with balance to keep everything working together, delivers a complete, comprehensive workout.

Beyond this starting point, there are other signature moves that can deliver surprising results: the Organs in Place move for flattening and conditioning the abdominal wall, Hit the Floor for additional mid/lower body work, and a host of other sequences and detail moves that can provide specialization and variety should one so desire.

Why T-Tapp? It’s the Workout that Works!

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