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T-Tapp is a groundbreaking at-home fitness program that has workouts ranging from 15 minutes to 45 minutes. Each movement utilizes 5-7 major muscles so that you work smarter not harder and can even lose a dress size within 2 weeks!

T-Tapp can not only help you achieve faster inch loss but you will also build cardiac conditioning, improve density and blast away the blues. Teresa’s unique approach to fitness is non-impact and requires no equipment – just you, your body and 3 sq ft. of space.

Results ARE Typical!

Whether you are consistent at the gym or a self-proclaimed couch potato, T-Tapp is The Workout That Works!

Less is more if you know how to maximize muscle activation. I teach you how to get more out of every move you make. Every move has a full fiber tug on both attachments on the bone so it creates muscles with density instead of bulk! Which is why you get inch loss so quickly. You’ll get faster results to cinch-in, tighten and tone.

You are increasing mind to muscle nerve transmission. The T-Tapp Method gets you moving without any impact and increases heart rate for added cardiovascular health.

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T-Tapp Works According to the Experts!

New York Times Best Selling Authors, Doctors and Experts Recommend T-Tapp and Feature it in their Books!


“Our obsession with strenuous over-exercising produces free radicals that actually encourage the aging process. T-Tapp provides the perfect antidote. This program is quick, easy, efficient, places no stress on the joints and, most important, it is effective. The T-Tapp system is the ideal anti-aging workout. Highly recommend!”

Nicholas Perricone, M.D.

New York Times best selling author of The Perricone Weight-Loss Diet


“Exercise is important in heart health; both aerobic and resistance training are important. My favorite is T-Tapp developed by my dear friend, Teresa Tapp. It’s the ultimate multi-tasking exercise. Teresa is the model of fitness and sweetness as she coaches you through a 15-Minute Workout. Teresa has longer programs but promises that you can lose weight and inches and drop your glucose, blood pressure and cholesterol with only 15 minutes a day. You can even Try Before You Buy to check out if it’s something you can feel good about doing.”

Dr. Carolyn Dean, M.D., N.D.

Naturopath, Herbalist, Acupuncturist, Nutritionist | Author of IBS for Dummies, The Hormone Cure & Multiple other publications



“Exercise is essential to our well-being, but finding the time to exercise, not to mention an exercise that is truly effective, is a challenge in our busy lives. T-Tapp is the perfect fit for women of all ages and fitness levels, and best of all, delivers visible – and very motivating results quickly! While T-Tapp is highly effective, it’s also low-impact and low-stress, making it the ideal workout for women with hormonal imbalances, physical limitations, or metabolic challenges.”

Mary J. Shomon

Nationally Recognized Hormone Expert/Patient Advocate | New York Times best selling author of The Thyroid Diet


“Whether you are looking to rehab, reshape or rejuvenate you will find the T-Tapp program to be exactly what you have been looking for.”

Dr Bryce Wylde, BSc, RNC, DHMHS, HD

Host of the Canadian TV Show Wylde on Health | Author of The Antioxidant Prescription